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COVID-19 Guidance for TCUL Programming

As of March 6, 2022, TCUL will no longer be utilizing the full COVID preparedness plan that was used for all 2021 programming. Replacing the preparedness plan are the following general rules regarding TCUL programming and the ongoing COVID-19 health concerns:

  • All participants in TCUL programming must be vaccinated against COVID-19.
    • Boosters are highly recommended.
  • Guests of participants in TCUL programming that will be in contact with TCUL participants or sitting/interacting with TCUL participants must also be vaccinated against COVID-19 OR be masked while around the team.
    • The exception to this is any individual under the age of 5, due to the lack of vaccine access for this age group. 
  • On sidelines, guests must honor player requests for space from the team if players are uncomfortable with close proximity of guests.
    • Guests are always the responsibility of the player(s) they are attending programming with. 
    • Requests for space mean that the guests should remain 6+ feet from players on the sideline. 

Any infractions of these rules should be immediately reported to or 

For more details on how TCUL will handle cases of COVID-19 identified during our programming, as well as guidelines around when players are or are not allowed to participate, please see the COVID Reporting Guidance.