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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you play ultimate games during lightining?

Check out our Policies page for general rules about our league.

Why are we playing in Blaine for some leagues? It's soooooo far away.

Unfortunately, field space in the Twin Cities is difficult to secure. Most of the parks in the metro large enough to hold leagues of our size already have established softball leagues and cannot make space for ultimate.  Masters league is now run within the Twin Cities, but it is limited in participation due to the location.

I want to play with my friend. How can we sign up together?

The registration includes an option to select a carpool buddy. However, both people must select each other in order to be placed on the same team. Selecting more than one person is not allowed. It makes the draft more difficult and has led to "stacked" teams in the past. We can only guarantee your draft buddy if both people have a spot in the league prior to the draft. Please make sure your carpool buddy has a TCUL account before you register and you know the email address they are using for their TCUL account. 

I've registered for the Summer Recreational (Tuesday) or Co-Ed Advanced (Thursday) league. When will I know what team I'm on?

Each year, we hold our drafts in April/May. Shortly after draft, your captain(s) will contact you. 

What's with all this lottery business?

We generally have far more male registrations than female registrations so we have a lottery to allocate men. We used to work on a first come first serve method but wanted to be more fair and implemented the lottery.  All men in the registration period are pooled into the lottery and chosen for league(s) so the most number of men get into at least one league. No preference is given to anyone based on carpools.  For detailed information on the lottery process visit here

How can I tell if I registered  early enough or if I'm on the waiting list?

We notify people within a week of registration closing of their lottery status.  Even if you don't initially get in, spots open up as players cancel or if we get enough female registrations to expand the league.  

Can I request my shirt size?