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TCUL Health & Wellness Policies (est. August 2022)

In order to support the wellness of our players and player community, TCUL is  implementing a set of best practices to maintain the health of our community and limit the spread of illness (be it COVID-19, general flu, strep, or other contagious illness). 

To protect our players, TCUL is instituting a general policy that players who are sick, showing signs of illness, have tested positive for an illness (and may possibly be asymptomatic, but still contagious) or are otherwise unwell should not participate in any league activities until 48 hours past their last occurrence of symptoms or negative test (for asymptomatic situations).

League participants are also responsible for any family, guests, or observers that they bring with them to the fields. If any of the individuals who are at a league event with a player are found to be showing signs of illness, the player will be subject to the same violation as if they were themselves ill. 


For the health and safety of all TCUL participants, anyone who has exhibited symptoms of an illness should not return to play until they are fully recovered for a complete 48-hour time frame after symptoms have resolved.

So, for example, if a player is participating in a Sunday league, with a game time of 1:00 pm, that player would need to have been fully recovered and symptom-free of all illness since Friday at 1:00 pm. If the player experiences any symptoms, of any kind, related to an illness after Friday at 1:00 pm, they should not attend their game on Sunday at 1:00 pm, at the risk of passing their illness onto others.

Players who do not adhere to the above guidance are considered to be actively & willfully disregarding the TCUL Code of Conduct and may be subject to the TCUL sanctioning process, possibly as an egregious violation, which could result in removal from league or being barred from participation in future programming.


All players in our leagues are expected to help maintain a healthy playing environment. As such, players should feel empowered to report individuals they believe are not adhering to the health & wellness policy by emailing either or to alert the Board of a violation of the stated policies. 

Captains are responsible for their team and should ensure that any player not feeling well or not fully recovered from illness is not participating in any league activities. Captains should ask players feeling ill to stay home and should not compromise the health of the league by allowing sick individuals to play. If a Captain is uncomfortable asking a player to stay home or to leave the fields, please reach out to the Board and we will make the request on your behalf. 

Teams should not be subject to interacting with a teammate or opponent with an apparent illness. If a team feels uncomfortable playing their opponent due to health concerns, they can suspend play and contact a Board member at the fields to resolve the issue. 

The TCUL Board takes the health of our player community very seriously and strives to ensure a safe playing environment.